Metatron Cube And The Number 13: What’s The Meaning And Significance?

Have you ever wondered what could possibly be the so-called divine DNA of all that exists? Does the universe seem to have a code that repeats in similar patterns from cells that multiply to carapace designs and the formation of new stars and galaxies? How about the significance of the number 13 and the big deal around it? This is what Metatron’s cube ring hopes to bring out in you: a sense of wonder that the primordial power of creation and healing is just simply around you and within you.

Sacred Mathematics

The ancient philosophers such as Plato and Pythagoras believed in mathematics as sacred. Pythagoras for one believed in geometry and proportions as the building block code of all that exists. This is where Metatron comes in the picture and the number 13 associated with him. Metatron is an angel in Judaism found in certain ancient writings like the Talmud and accepted within some branches of Christianity.

One story claims that he was an angel created by God with great power and wisdom to transcribe His sacred words while another version suggests that he was a human named Enoch who was transformed into an angel after being taken up into heaven. As the highest angel in Rabbinic tradition, he was deeply associated with the mystic arts.

According to myth, Metatron created a cube out of his soul which was shaped in the present day figure we see which is imprinted in Metatron’s cube ring bearing 13 circles representing the Flower of Life. Some theories suggest that this symbol was used by God to impart knowledge to human beings specifically about the Tree of Life. The 13 circles represent the 13 archangels bearing a specific element that sustains and expands life through the love of God proportioning all of the cosmos.

For the ancient philosophers, 13 was divisible only by itself, bearing a character of purity and originality. 13 is also the number of Jesus and his apostles symbolizing the Resurrection and Enlightenment.

The Aztecs divided their week into 13 with each day ruled by a deity. The last day was ruled by Tezcatlipoca who represents mystery and illusion. 13 can also be found in ancient structures, designs, turtle shells and many other ancient wonders whose sacredness stems from the very geometric foundations that the Metatron cube silently preaches about.

Metatron cube

Metatron’s cube ring with its 13 circles is a reminder of man’s innate connection with primordial healing and creation. As beings of reason capable of transcending to a knowledge higher than ours, the Metatron cube is truly a symbol that imparts the meaning of life for us believers and non-believers alike since it teaches that all of reality is indebted to geometric proportions whether in material wonders or in biological and cosmological proportions of matter, form, and existence.

The very symbol of the Metatron cube is an invitation for each man to reach out to the primordial power encoded in proportions within his being and in connection with all that exists around him as the very secret of life, meaning, and reality. Metatron as the celestial scribe is truly the imparter of the very words of God in His celestial court to all human beings open to He Who makes all things new.

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